How to use "The Dying Teach Us How to Live"

How to Use the Book

 "The Dying Teach Us How to Live" is a book with actual hospice stories as experienced by social worker, Pat Acker.  These stories include near death experiences, visions of angels and the "light."  Fear and grief are explored through the eyes of spirituality and hope.   It is easy to relate to the healing focus of individuals and caregivers as they convey their love and feelings.  Beautiful, original artworks personalize the message.  People who are dying know how to make the most of life. 


Who can benefit from reading these short inspirational stories? 

  • Individuals dealing with death/dying issues can find help in relating to the experiences of others

  • Dying individuals, caregivers, family, friends, professionals can find love, acceptance, comfort and hope

  • Health care professionals, clergy, funeral homes, cemetary staff, etc. can educate themselves about issues facing dying individuals and their family/friends

  • Reading or introducing stories to someone who is grieving can encourage grief recovery

  • The focus of the stories are spiritual, not religious, and are not intrusive for any readers who are coping with finding the meaning in their lives and exploring concepts of the soul and immortality

  • Readers can learn how important forgiveness becomes during the dying process

  • Education is provided about hospice care for children and adults that can provide a safe haven with specialized services/financial assistance/medical equipment/counseling and other options

  • Schools, hospitals (children and adult), nursing homes, assisted living, senior citizen centers, senior living complexes, churches, funeral homes, cemetery associations, counselors, military men and women and their families/friends, hospices for children and adults, home care agencies, individuals/groups dealing with populations experiencing unexpected or violent deaths, physicians, physician assistants/RN practitioners, social worker courses, nurses aids, volunteers, police, firefighters, emergency response teams, libraries, associations for various illnesses or groups and others

  • Anyone who wants to explore the dying process can encounter peace, hope and love

Who Can Use My Book?

  • Individuals/schools dealing with death/dying issues, dying individuals, caregivers.

  • family, friends, grieving persons, health care professionals, clergy, churches,

  • funeral homes, cemetery staff, hospice staff/clients, hospitals/healthcare staffing,

  • volunteers, nursing homes, assisted livings, home care agencies, counselors,

  • military men and women, police, firefighters, emergency response teams,

  • senior citizen centers, children/teens, lawyers, social workers, teachers,

  • all others who want or need to explore the dying process.

  • The stories in the book normalize the death and dying process; the final journey of moving on to another realm.  When we reduce the fear of death, we can begin to live life and enjoy the time we have.  Families and friends learn to come together in peace and joy as they reconnect with the dying person in a different but comforting way. 

  • Medical staff and therapists are able to become more relaxed in conversing effectively with dying persons and their family/friends. 

  • Dying individuals can forgive, ask for forgiveness, make legal, financial and medical decisions for themselves to make the transition easier for themselves and others.

  • All age groups are represented in stories that can educate in areas such as finding meaning in life and death, exploring concepts of the soul and immortality, and spiritual awareness.  The stories support grief recovery, and encourage deeper, more meaningful, communication.

  • Humor, beautiful images of angels, reports of near-death experiences, and miracles can encourage hope and the feeling of going toward something wonderful! People who experienced the sudden death of someone, especially family members and friends, can find solace!

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